Indonesia: Sidemen

Once we got to Bali, and after long negotiations with a scooter shop owner, we rented out two scooters and headed on a 2-hour journey to Sidemen.
Sidemen sits between mountains, surrounded by verdant paddy-fields, with a charming rural character and extraordinary views of Gunung (Mountain) Agung.
The road to Sidemen was breathtaking and, as excited tourists, we wanted to stop every 5 minutes to take a picture of the beautiful rice-field sceneries – which made the ride much longer.
As soon as we got to our hotel, we left our backpacks and headed for a hike along the river valley where we visited small villages scattered across the fields.


On the way to Sidemen




A refreshing dive after the long ride


Endless paddy-fields


Luah Village Children


Cutting grass for the cows

As we walked along the fields, we met children (who always asked for photos), land workers and women taking heavy loads on their heads. Everyone was very keen to talk to us (even if they hardly knew any English) and we now accept it as normal when an Indonesian person approaches us with a random subject of his interest.


Green, green and more green!


Indonesians’ favourite sport – Volleyball


Passionate Audience


Working on the fields


If you fall I… don’t!


Sunset back at the hotel

On the following day, we had an unexpected rain that didn’t help on our 2 hour (that turned into 3) journey to Amed. Nonetheless, the views were amazing and we felt very lucky to be there!



Waiting for the rain to stop


Rice terraces on the way


Bukit Tirtagangga – Beautiful garden on the way to Amed


Bukit Tirtagangga

The more we know Indonesia, the more we love it!

Next stop… Amed!

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