Indonesia: Lombok

Our first stop in Lombok was Kuta, a village known for its great surf and beautiful beaches.
Before we got there, we were already dreaming about those amazing waves forming over the astonishing blue waters so, first thing we did was rush to the closest beach, rent out some boards and negotiate a boat to take us to the perfect wave.
As we got there, it wasn’t as good as we wished for but, anyway, we were too excited to accept that.
I won’t bother you with the details but I’ll just tell you everything ended with massive back sunburn and a backache that lasted for, at least, three days.

IMG_2035Tanjung An – One of the many endless white sand beaches around Kuta where a dog stole our lunch while we were enjoying the warm waters.

After exploring the surroundings of Kuta, we rode east to Ekas where we stayed in an amazing villa, relaxing and resting before the scary volcano trekking we had ahead of us – Mount Rinjani!

While looking for a restaurant in Ekas, and finding none, an Indonesian man overheard us asking for a warung (“restaurant”) and, jumping into the curious crowd around us, told us to follow him.

And so we did, just to find that he was leading us to his house, a beautiful little place by the sea, where his mum cooked a nasi goreng (typical Indonesian dish of fried rice with vegetables aka nasi boring) for us.

IMG_2082It was an amazing lunch surrounded by adorable children, who loved playing with us while we waited for food…

and peaceful views of the blue seas and local fishermen.

Before we left, we still had a chance to watch the well-known Indonesian cock fight. It was actually just a practice round; still, we (Carlos mostly, of course) found it quite fascinating and funny. Maria was mainly disgusted and frightened ahah

After a 1-hour drive through bumpy roads that made our bottoms sore we got to the (not so) Pink Beach.

The next day we drove all the way up to the mountains, passing through remote villages, beautiful sceneries and the famous monkey forest. We got to the base of the Rinjani at Sunset, met the trekking guide and had a quick briefing of the next 3 days.

First kilometres, little did we know….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWalking, walking and walking up the hill!

Nearly there… to the first camping area – The squad and our guide!


We made it through the first day, incredible sunset at the rim but veeeeery cold and windy!

Our porters – carrying 25 kgs on their bruised shoulders, walking up twice as fast on flip-flops… lazy westerns!

After a short sleep, we woke up at 2am to climb to the Summit, the most physically challenging thing we ever did! Walking on sand, on a very steep and straight path, at night, with freezing wind for 4 hours.

IMG_2425But… We made it! 3726 meters high!

IMG_2419Sunrise at the top – 360º view of Lombok Island

IMG_2434Going down the Summit!

IMG_2471So many monkeys, everywhere!!

Campsite from above!

IMG_2462With friends everything was much easier…

IMG_2533Back to the camp, we had a 30 minute rest and off we went, all the way down to the lake – the legs were starting to fail.

IMG_2544Lake view on the way down, lunchtime and some rest at the hot spings!

IMG_2549Chilling at the (super) hot spring while our lunch was being cooked!

IMG_2558Second night, sitting by a fire, my God! It felt good!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWaking up to this view!

IMG_2609Last day, climbing (again) to the opposite rim and then…

… a 5 hour walk down a steep and slippery path – oh those butt falls!

IMG_2622Almost at the end, 2 group members missing – they had to be taken by the porters back down lol

Before we left Lombok, we still had time to visit the ‘Secret Gilis’ – Gili Gede, Gili Layar, Gili Rengit and Gili Asahar. These little islands just south-west of Lombok were the perfect gateway to enjoy the beach, snorkel and relax.

IMG_2703We negotiated a ride with a local fisherman and got to Gili Gede at Sunset to enjoy the never-ending empty beaches.

We loved our homestay! It was sitting by the beach, with nothing else to be seen. We got to know the friendly locals and foreigners who owned the place and taught us a lot about the area.

IMG_6181The following day we rented out a boat to explore the islands around and snorkel along the way.

All the islands are beautiful and very well preserved!

And finally…. Relaxing!

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